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Riding A Tiger

RRP $39.99

An ostentatiously luxurious super yacht. The endless cerulean blue of the Indian Ocean. The sun warming your skin. Sounds like heaven? Not when you are hostage aboard, captured by bandits, waiting for the ship's owner to pay the ransom for your release and you find out he's going bankrupt. This is a story about paradise becoming a prison. When super yacht Talisman is hijacked on her way home to Cyprus from the Seychelles, stewardess Rachel still thinks she'll be spending Christmas in Cornwall. But negotiations with the owner, businessman Herr Liebe, now in Paris on the last leg of his honeymoon, leave his crew high and dry and moored a mile off the coast of Somalia, a warship impotently looking on. Captive aboard, living with their gun toting, khat chewing guards, the crew's belongings are ransacked and their supplies commandeered. Lars, the ship's captain, refuses increasingly forceful attempts to move them off the boat onto land, fearing that Herr Liebe's overriding concern is for Talisman and not the human lives aboard. He also knows that separated from the boat they will be virtually impossible to find in this lawless state. The arrival of the gang's translator and negotiator, Omar, a Boston educated, spectacle-wearing Somali, renews hope for their release, and to Rachel's delight, he can also play Scrabble. But at what price their freedom?

Little Red Riding Hood

RRP $12.99

One day she meets a wolf in the woods. When he suggests she wander off the path to pick flowers, that's exactly what she does, even though her mother said not to dawdle. Meanwhile, the wolf is up to no good. Things soon go wrong for Little Red Riding Hood. But what will happen to the wolf? Little Red Riding Hood is one of the best-loved fairy tales of all time. This lively retelling, with its inspired illustrations by internationally acclaimed Anna Pignataro, brings the story alive for a fresh generation of readers.

About the Illustrator

Anna Pignataro has created over forty books for children. She won the Crichton Award for Book Illustration in 1998, and features regularly on CBCA Notable Book lists. Many of her picture books have sold throughout the world and her illustrations are exhibited widely, with many held in private collections. Among her most popular picture books are Always and Together and the Princess and Fairy series. The latter have been included in the Kids' Top 50 books, voted by Australian children nationwide. Anna lives in Melbourne.

A Beginners Guide To Horse Riding

RRP $17.99

A practical guide to developing the classical seat for all serious horsemen and women Comprehensive advice on the training of the horse from earliest handling as a foal, through basic training and on to jumping and dressage A Beginners guide to Horse Riding is intended as a companion volume to the author's popular The Horse Owner's Handbook. It is a practical guide to developing the classical seat and, consequently, the accepted training and riding of the horse by the use of the aids which have been developed since academic riding was first written about, three hundred years before Christ. It covers broadly the psychology and physiology of the horse at a level required by all serious horsemen and women. Without this elementary knowledge a thorough understanding of the horse and his needs cannot be achieved. The Horse Rider's Handbook takes the reader through the training of the horse from his earliest handling as a foal, through his basic training and on to jumping and dressage. The work goes on to explain the requirements of competition dressage, show jumping and cross country riding, together with some guidance on how these equestrian disciplines may be approached in order to stand a fair chance of success. Any rider who takes his or her discipline seriously will benefit from the advice given in this excellent handbook."


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