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Cyclist In You

RRP $16.45

This book is written to challenge and inspire cyclists. Cycling is a 6 billion dollar U.S. industry. Transforming the cyclist's mindset will cause a revolutionary change that will affect cycling around the world! This will be the best little cycling book you have ever read! If you had one thing you could change in one month, what would it be? If I told you I could help you do it, would you? Today I am saying, "You can change your mindset in 28 days!" The three ingredients to start your change are this Book, your Bike and your Belief! Whether you ride, run, row or relax no matter how you roll this book is for you! Revolutions is all about change! This is an interactive, inspirational self-help book designed to develop a successful mindset, inspire faith and build a foundation for the cyclist in you! READ, RIDE, RECORD, REVOLT, REPEAT! If you are not cycling, you are not living!

My Safety On Road Cyclist

RRP $13.99

This book is based on practical cycling experience I have obtained over the years cycling through busy urban streets including London, United Kingdom. My cycling experience sometimes takes me to cover up to fourteen miles to and from, navigating, maneuvering and following road regulations through traffic, poorly designed road signs and layouts, roundabouts, junctions, road intersections and many more. I am writing this book to share my experience, encounters and near misses with other road users like cars, Lorries, motorcyclists and some cyclists to international cycling enthusiasts out there so as to assist safety arrival of their respective destinations. Firstly, this book highlights on main causes of cyclist's accidents and deaths. Secondly, this book would teach you more about road safety and how to ride safely on roads. Thirdly, It would help you avoid collisions, injuries, accidents and untimely deaths. Also it has the potential to teach you how to repair and maintain your bike (DIY). Ultimately, safety and accident free cycling are the book's primary goals and assures.

A Lady Cyclist's Guide To Kashgar

RRP $19.99

It is 1923 and Evangeline English, keen lady cyclist, arrives with her sister Lizzie at the ancient Silk Route city of Kashgar to help establish a Christian mission. Lizzie is in thrall to their forceful and unyielding leader Millicent, but Eva's motivations for leaving her bourgeois life back at home are less clear-cut. As they attempt to navigate their new home and are met with resistance and calamity, Eva commences work on her book, A Lady Cyclist's Guide to Kashgar...

In present-day London another story is beginning. Frieda, a young woman adrift in her own life, opens her front door one night to find a man sleeping on the landing. In the morning he is gone, leaving on the wall an exquisite drawing of a long-tailed bird and a line of Arabic script.

Tayeb, who has fled to England from Yemen, has arrived on Frieda's doorstep just as she learns that she is the next-of-kin to a dead woman she has never heard of: a woman whose abandoned flat contains many surprises - among them an ill-tempered owl. The two wanderers begin an unlikely friendship as their worlds collide, and they embark on a journey that is as great, and as unexpected, as Eva's.

A stunning debut peopled by unforgettable characters, A Lady Cyclist's Guide to Kashgar is an extraordinary story of inheritance and the search for belonging in a fractured and globalised world.

About the Author

Suzanne Joinson works in the literature department of the British Council, and regularly travels widely across the Middle East, North Africa, China and Europe. In 2007 she won the New Writing Ventures Award for Creative Non-Fiction for Laila Ahmed. She is studying for a PhD in Creative Writing at Goldsmiths, University of London, and lives by the sea on the South Coast of England.


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